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"Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye"

(That is real learning which helps one to secure liberation of the soul)


  • All our Educational Institutions are housed in the buildings owned by the Sangha.
  • The total student strength is about 5000 and that of the teaching and non-teaching staff is nearly 300.
  • These institutions are equipped with suitable articles of furniture, teaching aids, computers, libraries, laboratories, audio-visual and spectravision equipments, multimedia projectors and sports materials.
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  • Establishing General Educational Institutions of high quality.
  • Establishing good schools and colleges : from the Kindergarten level to the Post-Graduate level.
  • Opening of advanced institutions in the faculties of Indology, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Electronics, Commerce and Teaching.
  • Promoting Literary, Cultural, Spiritual and Social activities.
  • Encouraging Sports and Athletics.
  • Giving sound citizenship-training through Moral and Spiritual Education with an emphasis on our cultural heritage.
  • Establishing Health Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Service Centres to help the poor and needy.
  • Publication of Educational, Spiritual and Literary works.